I love gear.

Different guitars. Different construction. Different sounds.

A unique set of strings to best fit each and every instrument.

Different picks, bows, rosin, cables, amplifiers, pickups, speakers,

and of course...


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of my YouTube channel.

The answer is yes... I'm usually happy

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My only condition: if for any reason I feel that I wouldn't use your product in a live environment or don't feel comfortable representing it online, I will respectfully return it.

Electric Guitars:

2009 PRS McCarty
 - 57/08 pickup set
 - coil taps
 - Tobacco Sunburst

Strings: D'Addario Nickel XL - 11 gauge

2017 Ibanez TM302
 - Semihollow construction
 - Two-tone sunburst

Strings: D'Addario Nickel XL - 11 gauge

1998 Fender Stratocaster
 - Seymour Duncan pickups
 - Coils tap, out of phase, & blender mod

 - Purple with leather pickgaurd
Strings: GHS Boomers - 10 gauge

Acoustic Guitars:

Alvarez AC460C
 - Classical / nylon string

 - 600T MkII pickup system
Strings: D'Addario Pro Arte - extra hard gauge

Eastman AR810CE
 - Arch top / jazz box

 - Kent Armstrong handwound PAF
Strings: Thomastik Infeld Jazz Swing flatwounds - 12 gauge

Martin HD-28
 - Flat top / steel string

 - Martin Gold Plus pickup
Strings: D'Addario Phosphor Bronze - 13 gauge


I play a custom violin built on commission by Joe McDevitt of Reading, PA in 2015. It is based around the Guarneri Del Gesu dimensions and is outfitted (temporarily) with a Fishman V200 pickup when I need it. Strings: D'Addario Helicore

Photos by Joeseph P. McDevitt

Bridge Lyra
 - 4-string semihollow electric

Strings: D'Addario Helicore

Electric Fiddles:

Yamaha YEV
 - 4-string electric

Strings: D'Addario Helicore Octave

Ned Steinberger NXT
 - 5-string electric

Strings: D'Addario custom NS Design set


Blues Deluxe Reissue
 - Eminence C-Rex speaker
 - Upgraded with Tung Sol tubes,

   George L wiring, & new capacitors

Supro 1622RT
 - "Tremoverb" - reverb &

   tremolo circuits onboard
 - Class-A, 6973 preamp tubes

Quilter ToneBlock 201
 - 200w solid state head

 - Separate outputs for passive

   speaker and direct injection 

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