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Jazz/Fusion/Ambient album by The Inner Urge

What you're getting:
 - Compact Disc of The Inner Urge's self-titled debut album, including bonus track "Tell Me A Bedtime Story" (Herbie Hancock cover) - only available on physical copies of the album. Shipped via USPS.
 - HiFi digital download code (via BandCamp)
 - Stickers, pins, & other swag (pending availability)
 - That warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you support independant artists


   ◦    Alex Price (Johnstown, PA) - guitar / violin
   ◦    Michael Garbett (Pittsburgh, PA) - vibraphone / percussion
   ◦    Andrew Koss (New York, NY) - bass / synthesizer
   ◦    Jesse Griffith (Philadelphia, PA) - drumset
Artwork by Suzanne Brown
Recording/Mixing/Mastering by Alex Price
Released March 24th, 2018

“Combining flighty melody lines and dark undertones, "Norwegian" sets the stage for a very ambitious record that uses elements of jazz, ambient and post-rock music to convey some interesting ideas.”

- Zack Desantis, The Reading Eagle

"There’s a lot more instrumental bands out there (especially in the jazz/fusion world, outside of instrumental metal and it’s many subgeneres) I think these guys stand out so much especially with a debut album."

- Dave Jurenovich, Technical Music Review 

"The particular blend styles here is unlike anything I’ve heard. The production is solid. The instruments blend well. The talent is showcased without turning into a shredding contest. I hear shades of Allan Holdsworth, of Herbie Hancock, Jon Luc Ponty, and other greats of the genre. An excellent record."
 - Issues Magazine

The Inner Urge self-titled (physical copy)


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