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This free resource is made available to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the guitar fretboard. The drop 2 chord shapes presented in this .pdf booklet represent what I consider to be essential knowledge for aspiring jazz guitarists. My recommendation is to start with the root position voicings on each of the 3 string sets. These will probably be the shapes that you use most often. Once you’ve gotten those under your fingers and memorized, move on to the 2nd inversions, which are also common.


Because of the way the guitar is tuned, Drop 2 chord voicings are the standard choice for seventh chords. Closed voicings (all notes contained within an octave) of 7th chords are often impractical or even impossible to play since they require a very stretched finger spacing. The root position and 2nd inversions are easy to get to. The 1st inversions are unique because the 7th exists directly below the root, creating the interval of a 2nd within the voicing. The 3rd inversions are used the least, as the root on top of the chord can sound odd.

eBook - Drop 2 Chord Voicings


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