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Presets for the Sonicake Matribox

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My Sonicake Matribox Presets

The Matribox ships with a ton of factory presets, but hardly any of them fill the role that I think most people are going for with a modeler - just basic guitar tones plugged into a full range speaker. All of my presets start out the same - with a great amp tone and a solid second gain stage on footswitch 1 for when you need more grit. All of the presets also come with my settings dialed in for EQ, delay, reverb, modulation, and an optional noise gate. They're all different and easily customizable. Lastly, because of the dramatic differences between pickup types, all presets come in two versions: one for humbucking pickups and one for single coils. Try out the free 5-preset bundle (complete with detailed info on each preset, my recommended global settings for the Martibox, and a "template" preset), and if you'd like more in this style then I have two larger bundles at $5/piece

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5 Free Presets

This is a collection of straightforward guitar tones in the style of a few of my favorite Fender, Vox, Marshall, and Peavey amps. The Matribox comes with a large number of factory presets, but I felt like there wasn't much there in the way of just your standard electric guitar tones for classic rock and pop styles. I built a few of my own presets and bundled them with a guide on the global settings and a "stock preset" for you to use as a template for creating your own presets.

Here are the 5 presets:

 • Deluxe.prst            - '65 Fender black panel Deluxe
 • 5E3_Tweed.prst
     - '57 Fender 5E3 tweed Deluxe
 • Vox_AC-15.prst
    - VoxAC15C1 1x12"

 • JCM_800.prst      - Marshall JCM800 2203

 • EVH_5150.prst     - Peavey EVH 5150

Matribox Classic Amps shop icon.png

10 Classic Amps

This is a collection of straightforward guitar tones modeled after famous classic guitar amps by Marshall, Fender, Vox, Roland, and Supro

Here are the 10 presets:

 • Jazz_120.prst          - Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus
 • Bassman.prst
          - '59 Tweed Fender Bassman
 • FndrChamp.prst
     - '57 1x8" Fender Champ

 • Twin_CL.prst           - Fender black panel Twin (clean)

 • Twin_OD.prst         - Fender black panel Twin (overdriven)

 • Supro1624.prst       - Supro 1624T Dual Tone

 • AC-30Cool.prst     - Vox AC30 normal channel

 • AC-30_Hot.prst     - Vox AC30 top boost

 • MrshJTM45.prst     - Marshall 2245 JTM45

 • MrshJMP50.prst     - Marshall 1987x w/ jump mod

Matribox Modern Amps shop icon.png

10 Modern Amps

This is a collection of straightforward guitar tones modeled after famous modern amps by Matchless, Bogner, Dr. Z, ENGL, Orange, and Mesa.

Here are the 10 presets:

 • Dr_Z_38.prst         - DR. Z Maz 38 NR
 • Matchless.prst
       - Matchless Chieftan 2x12
 • Bogner_CL.prst
     - Bogner Shiva channel 1

 • Bogner_OD.prst    - Bogner Shiva channel 2

 • LoneStar.prst         - Mesa Boogie Lone Star channel 1

 • LoneDrive.prst      - Mesa Boogie Lone Star channel 2

 • Orange.prst           - Orange Rockerverb 100 dirty channel

 • Friedman.prst         - Friedman BE-100 Brown Eye

 • Mark_IV.prst           - Mesa Boogie mark 4 lead channel

 • Engl_120.prst         - ENGL Savage 120 mark 2

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