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Presets for the Sonicake Matribox

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My Sonicake Matribox Presets

The Matribox ships with a ton of factory presets, but hardly any of them fill the role that I think most people are going for with a modeler - just basic guitar tones plugged into a full range speaker. All of my presets start out the same - with a great amp tone and a solid second gain stage on footswitch 1 for when you need more grit. All of the presets also come with my settings dialed in for EQ, delay, reverb, modulation, and an optional a noise gate. They're all different and easily customizable. Lastly, because of the dramatic differences between pickup types, all presets come in two versions: one for humbucking pickups and one for single coils. Try out the free 5-preset bundle (complete with detailed info on each preset, my recommended global settings for the Martibox, and a "template" preset), and if you'd like more in this style then I have two larger bundles at $5/piece

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5 Free Presets

This is a collection of straightforward guitar tones in the style of a few of my favorite Fender, Vox, Marshall, and Peavey amps. The Matribox comes with a large number of factory presets, but I felt like there wasn't much there in the way of just your standard electric guitar tones for classic rock and pop styles. I built a few of my own presets and bundled them with a guide on the global settings and a "stock preset" for you to use as a template for creating your own presets.

Here are the 5 presets:

 • Deluxe.prst            - '65 Fender black panel Deluxe
 • 5E3_Tweed.prst
     - '57 Fender 5E3 tweed Deluxe
 • Vox_AC-15.prst
    - VoxAC15C1 1x12"

 • JCM_800.prst      - Marshall JCM800 2203

 • EVH_5150.prst     - Peavey EVH 5150

Matribox Classic Amps shop icon.png

10 Classic Amps

This is a collection of straightforward guitar tones modeled after famous classic guitar amps by Marshall, Fender, Vox, Roland, and Supro

Here are the 10 presets:

 • Jazz_120.prst          - Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus
 • Bassman.prst
          - '59 Tweed Fender Bassman
 • FndrChamp.prst
     - '57 1x8" Fender Champ

 • Twin_CL.prst           - Fender black panel Twin (clean)

 • Twin_OD.prst         - Fender black panel Twin (overdriven)

 • Supro1624.prst       - Supro 1624T Dual Tone

 • AC-30Cool.prst     - Vox AC30 normal channel

 • AC-30_Hot.prst     - Vox AC30 top boost

 • MrshJTM45.prst     - Marshall 2245 JTM45

 • MrshJMP50.prst     - Marshall 1987x w/ jump mod

Matribox Modern Amps shop icon.png

10 Modern Amps

This is a collection of straightforward guitar tones modeled after famous modern amps by Matchless, Bogner, Dr. Z, ENGL, Orange, and Mesa.

Here are the 10 presets:

 • Dr_Z_38.prst         - DR. Z Maz 38 NR
 • Matchless.prst
       - Matchless Chieftan 2x12
 • Bogner_CL.prst
     - Bogner Shiva channel 1

 • Bogner_OD.prst    - Bogner Shiva channel 2

 • LoneStar.prst         - Mesa Boogie Lone Star channel 1

 • LoneDrive.prst      - Mesa Boogie Lone Star channel 2

 • Orange.prst           - Orange Rockerverb 100 dirty channel

 • Friedman.prst         - Friedman BE-100 Brown Eye

 • Mark_IV.prst           - Mesa Boogie mark 4 lead channel

 • Engl_120.prst         - ENGL Savage 120 mark 2

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