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Line 6 PodGo Presets

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SALE! ~ use the promo code TAKE5 at checkout to get $5 off your order of $25+

PodGo Amp Tone Presets

This is my collection of performance-ready electric guitar presets for the Line 6 Pod Go. My focus is primarily on a fantastic amp and cab tone with a toggle to increase gain and adjust the amp's EQ. From there I pair an overdrive or compressor with that amp and fill out the rest of the preset with a 3.5db solo boost (+ EQ shaping) as well as unique modulation, delay, reverb, and wah effects. Each bundle contains 5 or 6 distinct presets that are available in versions for both single coils and humbuckers. All presets are designed to operate in both stompswitch and snapshot mode and have been thoroughly level-matched and tested live.

$30 for the full collection or $10 for each individual bundle

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This large collection contains all of my PodGo amp tone presets at a discount. If you purchase the full bundle here, you will get free access to all future Amp Tone bundles as they are released. There is a Google Drive link at the top of the first page of the .pdf you will receive.

Here's what is currently included:

 • 12 presets - Fender Black Panel bundle
 • 10
 presets - Fender Tweed Amps bundle
 • 10
 presets - Mesa / Boogie Amps bundle

 • 10 presets - Vox AC-30 & AC-15 bundle

Fender Black Panel Pod Go presets shop icon.png

This is my take on the 1960's era Fender black panel design. These are some of my favorite amps for that sparkling clean tone while at the same time being excellent platforms for overdrive pedals. The "1" presets are essentially clean platforms while the "2" presets have a lot of natural preamp and power tube breakup.

 ~ Included Presets:
 • Deluxe1 - 1965 Black Panel Deluxe  | clean to low gain
 • Deluxe2 - 1965 Black Panel Deluxe | low to medium gain
 • Princeton1 - 1965 Princeton | clean to medium gain
 • Princeton2 - 1965 Princeton | low to medium gain
 • Twin1 - 1965 Twin Reverb | clean to low gain preset

 • Twin2 - 1965 Twin Reverb | SRV-style medium to high gain

Fender Tweed Pod Go presets shop icon.png

This bundle features 5 presets based on the Fender Tweed amps of the late 1950's - the 5E3 Deluxe, Champ, and Bassman. These amps are the top choice for blues players as the Tweed sound is iconic for it's natural, sponge-y power tube breakup and I think these presets reflect that.

 ~ Included Presets:
 • 5E3 Deluxe1 - 1957 Fender 5E3 Deluxe | low to medium gain
 • 5E3Deluxe2 - 1957 Fender 5E3 Deluxe | medium to high gain
 • Bassman - 1959 Fender Bassman | clean to medium gain
 • Champ - 1957 Fender Champ | low to medium gain
 • Grammatico - modified Fender Deluxe | medium to high gain

Mesa Boogie Pod Go presets shop icon.png

Mesa Boogie amps are some of the best in the business when it comes to modern high gain tones. This bundle includes recreations of a few of the the most popular amps in their lineup - mainly the Lone Star's 1st and 2nd channels, the Mark IV Rhythm & Lead channels, and the Dual Rectifier.

 ~ Included Presets:
 • LoneStar1 - Lone Star channel 1 | low to medium gain
 • LoneStar2 - Lone Star channel 2 | medium to high gain
 • Mk4 Rhythm - Mark IV rhythm channel | clean to medium gain
 • Mk4 Lead - Mark IV lead channel | medium to high gain
 • Rectifier - Dual Rectifier | high gain

Vox Pod Go presets shop icon.png

The Vox AC30 and AC15 amps are revered for their natural overdrive and for how the preamp interacts with overdrive pedals. The amp by itself is great for crunchy rhythm playing and when it comes to stacking gain stages, the result is a smooth, sustaining lead tone.

 ~ Included Presets:
 • Vox AC15 - 1958 Vox AC-15 | low to medium gain
 • AC30 Essex1 - 1958 Vox AC-30 | low to medium gain
 • AC30 Essex2 - 1958 Vox AC-30 | medium to high gain
 • AC30 Fawn1 - 1961 Vox AC-30 | low to medium gain
 • AC30 Fawn2 - 1961 Vox AC-30 | medium to high gain

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