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1959 Fender 5E3 Tweed Deluxe

Premium Helix Amp Tone
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This is my take on the legendary low power devil from Fender - the 1959 5E3 Tweed Deluxe aka the "Fullerton." I've included presets for clean, overdriven, and saturated applications of this amp. In this bundle, you'll get 3 distinct presets, each available in single coil and humbucker versions that I've meticulously dialed in over the course of months and many shows.

What you’re getting:

   - 6 Presets (see the sidebar "Included Presets" for more info)

   - Favorites Effects Library*

   - Old Version (2.91) of this preset bundle & a detailed walkthrough

   - A few suggestions for setting up your Helix device

   - FAQ and troubleshooting guide


* Favorite Effects Library contains 32 various saved effect settings so that you can easily swap in alternate compression, reverb, and tremolo tones to customize your presets.


** The 5E3 Tweed Amp Tone bundle has recently been updated to the latest 3.50 cab design. All previous customers should've recieved an email with the latest version. I never charge for updates.

Amp Tone presets are created for use in stompswitch mode to give you the most control possible. Footswitches 1, 2, and 3 exist as the core of the preset and control compression, pedal overdrive, and amp overdrive/EQ parameters. These three are dialed in to work well on their own, or when stacked together. Explore the different combinations of these 3 switches to get the most out of these presets. Footswitch 4 controls reverb. Footswitch 5 will engage a tremolo. Footswitch 6 is a 3.5db clean solo boost. This preset is meticulously dialed in and tested for live performance with a full band. Use it on your HX Stomp in combination with other external effect pedals, or drop the 8 blocks given into your larger Helix unit and build your own custom preset around it with the premium amp tone serving as the foundation. Explore different combinations of footswitches 1-3 and you'll find that this preset will cover all your needs for different compression, overdrive, and amp tones. Footswitches 4, 5, and 6 are optional. 


Questions? Just reply to the download email you receive and I’m more than happy to help.

This preset package will work on the following products:
HX Stomp

HX Stomp XL

Helix LT

Helix Floor

Helix Rack

Helix Native

      *Helix Native users please note that all of my presets exist in stompswitch mode. Helix Native is set up to prefer snapshots, however you can use these presets in stompswitch mode just fine. Check out the Helix Native manual pages 14 & 15 for information on loading these presets in HC (hardware compatibility) mode. When prompted, make sure you select HX Stomp XL as the original device since that is what I create these presets on.


      *Due to popular request, I've also updated this bundle to use separate amp & cabinet blocks so the presets are easier to customize or use with an external cab of some sort.

Helix - 5E3 Tweed Amp Tone


20% off an order of $80+

  • This preset bundle contains 3 contrasting amp tones that are characteristic of Tweed-style amplifiers. Each preset comes with a compressor (footswitch 1) and an overdrive pedal (footswitch 2) that have been dialed in to work well with that amp. In addition to those gain stages, footswitch 3 will toggle between various overdriven amp settings (drive, EQ, sag, bias, etc.) for even more control within a single preset. Of these three presets, I’ve created two versions - one for single coil pickups and one for humbuckers. 

         - Tweed 1 presets - light, edge of breakup tone using the Tweed Blues amp and cab. It's paired with the Alpaca Rouge (Way Huge Red Llama) overdrive and the LA Studio Comp (LA-2A tube compressor).

         - Tweed 2 presets - overdriven tone using the Fullerton Nrm amp and cab. It's paired with the Heir Apparent (Prince of Tone) overdrive and the Ampeg Opto Comp (optical compressor).

         - Tweed 3 presets - saturated, high gain tone using the Fullerton Jump amp and cab. It's paired with the Deranged Master (Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster) and the Deluxe Compressor (set up for very smooth, sustaining compression).

    All of the amp tone presets across my website have been leveled with each other so that you can switch between them effortlessly - just make sure you’re using the correct version for single coil or humbucker equipped guitars.

    There is also a favorite effects folder included with your download that has even more compression tones to pick and choose from. They’ve been dialed in and leveled separately for humbuckers and single coil pickups so all you need to do is simply double click on the favorite file and they’ll load in automatically assigned to footswitch 1, ready to use. In the favorites folder, I’ve also included various settings for tremolo and reverb, each available in mono and stereo versions. Want to switch out a Fender-style bias tremolo for a Vox-style optical model? How about a bright spring reverb in place of the darker sounding model that initially comes with the preset, or switch it up with a plate reverb or concert hall? Once you’ve loaded the favorites into your device, it’s as easy as double clicking on the file name. In total, there are 32 different favorite settings to explore and customize your presets with.

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