The Complete Preset Library is a bit of everything! This is a massive folder of 85+ presets (and 20 acoustic IRs) that I'm constantly making updates to with new tones and samples of some of my other preset packs. These are the same presets that I personally use live and they represent a few year's worth of building and tuning and testing with live performance. There's something in here for everyone. Scroll down and click on "Included Files" for a comprehensive list of every preset included in this sample pack.


These presets are designed on the HX Stomp for use in stomp switch mode, but they will work across all of the Helix family units (except for HX Effects due to the amp blocks). I do not use snapshots on the original HX Stomp because it is so limiting. If you’d like to create custom snapshots on each preset, it should be fairly easy - create a combination of the 5 stomps switches and save it to snapshot 1. Repeat the process for as many snapshots as you’d like. For Helix Native users, you can access stomp switches through a MIDI command. For many supporters of this library who use one of the larger Helix units (LT, floor, rack), you’ll find that these presets will cover your basic tones. I know that a lot of people like to take them and use them as the foundation for building their own custom presets around.

Violinists: please note that this bundle does contain 21 violin presets, though the majority (60+ are for guitar, 18 for bass). If you'd prefer only the violin presets at a lower price, please check out my exclusive Violin Preset Library.

Bassists: please note that this bundle does contain 18 bass guitar presets, though the majority (60+ are for guitar, 21 for violin). If you'd prefer only the bass presets at a lower price, please check out my exclusive Bass Preset Library.


My process:

All of my presets are finely tuned for live use through a single FRFR speaker or a large sound system. While I was working onboard my previous cruise ship, I spent a lot of time perfecting these amp tones. I built the presets first on headphones in my cabin, where a lot of the initial work was done. Then I would take the presets to an isolated venue and tune them at performance volume (100+ db) through a large JBL FRFR speaker. After that step, I tested them over the course of each night spent performing in the main theater with an 8-piece band with horns, keyboard, rhythm section, etc. I made many small adjustments over the course of this 5-month contract. Near the end of the contract, I took the Helix up to the FOH desk and again made some refinements.

As a result, I’d like to think that these presets are some of the best out there. I’ve done my fair share of purchasing presets from well known makers but haven’t found much reliability. With that said, you probably do not own the same guitar as I do and might not be playing through the same sound system. Take these presets as a template and follow your ear. Make minor adjustments as needed and build them to suit your playing style, instruments, and whatever platform you’re amplifying the Helix through.


Remember, this folder is a work in progress. I am always adding new sounds and improving old ones. With the purchase of this preset library, you will recieve a Google Drive link. If at any time you would like an update, you can go there to download the latest files. Your purchase is good for all future updates.


Each of these presets are limited to a maximum of 8 blocks, and as such will work on all of the following products:
HX Stomp

HX Stomp XL

Helix LT

Helix Floor

Helix Rack

Helix Native

     Native users - please note that these presets are set up in stompswitch mode and do not contain snapshot data. Native is set up to prefer snapshot mode, but you can still easily access the "stompswitches" through MIDI commands.

Helix - Complete Preset Library

$40.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
  • Preset labeling:
    EGH - electric guitar with humbuckers
    EGS - electric guitar with single coils
    AGU - flat top acoustic guitar with an undersaddle piezo pickup
    JGH - archtop jazz guitar with humbucker
    EBF - electric bass guitar with flatwound strings
    EBR - electric bass guitar with roundwound strings
    AV - acoustic violin
    EV - electric violin
    No label* - a special effects preset that will work with any instrument

    What you're getting:
    AGU Simple
    AGU Light
    AGU Heavy
    AGU Lead
    AGU Worship
    AGU Nylon
    EB Dubby               (EBF & EBR versions)
    EB Direct                (EBF & EBR versions)
    EB Bassman          (EBF & EBR versions)
    EB Woody              (EBF & EBR versions)
    EB Phat                   (EBF & EBR versions)
    EB Gritty                 (EBF & EBR versions)
    EB Dirty                   (EBF & EBR versions)
    EB Chainsaw         (EBF & EBR versions)
    EB Spooky             (EBF & EBR versions)
    EGH Deluxe 1
    EGH Deluxe 2
    EGH Blues Jr.
    EGH Plac Clean
    EGH Plac Lead
    EGH HiWatt
    EGH Twin Rotary
    EGH Grammatico
    EGH Rockerverb
    EGH JCM800
    EGH Revv
    EGH AC30/Twin
    EGH Match/Twin
    EGH DrZ/Match
    EGH %13/Twin
    EGH Jazz/Twin
    EGH HiW/Archon
    EGH Slide Rig
    EGH Broadway 1
    EGH Broadway 2
    EGH Acoustic Sim 1
    EGH Acoustic Sim 2
    EGS Bassman
    EGS Fullerton
    EGS Texas Twin
    EGS Warm Prince
    EGS Brite Prince
    EGS Mad Prince
    EGS Dr. Z
    EGS Supro
    EGS Matchless
    EGS Space Fuzz
    EGS Diezel
    EGS AcousticSim1
    EGS AcousticSim2
    EGS Strat Jazz
    JGH Modern Jazz
    JGH Warm Jazz
    JGH JC120
    JGH Stevens
    JGH Scofield
    JGH Kreisberg
    JGH Arch Bright
    JGH Arch Dark
    JGH Arch Acoust
    JGH Boss OC-3
    JGH Jazz Pad
    AV Simple
    AV Classical
    AV Fusion
    EV Ac. Vln 1
    EV Ac. Vln 2
    EV Ac. Vln 3
    EV Ac. Vla
    EV Ac. Clo 1
    EV Ac. Clo 2
    EV Ac. Clo 3
    EV Clean
    EV Crunch
    EV Drive
    EV Saturated
    EV High Gain
    EV Strings Pad
    EV Synth
    EV Ambience 1
    EV Ambience 2
    EV Ambience 3
    EV Ambience 4
    Basic Freeze
    Dynamic Freeze
    Korg Miku
    Synth - Metheny
    Dynamic Hall
    Ambient 1
    Ambient 2
    Ambient 3

    I have stated specifically if the preset was made with a humbucker-equipped guitar or one with single coils but don’t take this as law. For example, the flatwound bass presets probably sound fine with roundwound strings too. Try out everything with your own guitars. Tweak them and make them your own. These presets can serve as the foundation for building your own library.