Dumble Amps Pack

Premium Helix Amp Tone
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This is my take on the famous Dumble Overdrive Special and Steel String Singer amps. You'll get four presets that I've meticulously dialed in over the course of months and literally hundreds of shows. This preset package contains options for both single coil and humbucking electric guitars.


Premium amp tones are created for use in stompswitch mode to give you the most control possible. Footswitches 1 & 2 work on gain staging and tone shaping. Footswitch 3 is a solo boost. Footswitches 4 & 5 are optional and usually contain effects characterstic to the amp the preset is emulating. For more info, see the side bar item "Detailed notes..."

What you're getting:
- Four presets

     - EGS_Steel_String.hlx (clean-light gain for single coils)

     - EGH_Steel_String.hlx (clean-light gain for humbuckers)
     - EGS_Overdrive_Sp.hlx (medium-high gain for single coils)

     - EGS_Overdrive_Sp.hlx (medium-high gain for humbuckers)

 - A walkthrough of how each of the switches are working together
 - A detailed guide on best practices for setting up your Helix device
 - FAQ and troubleshooting guide
 - Some premium frickin TOAN for your Helix

“Premium Amp Tone” means that this preset is designed to make the absolute most out of the Helix’s amp, cabinet, EQ, compressor, and overdrive blocks. This preset is meticulously dialed in and tested for live performance with a full band. Use it on your HX Stomp in combination with other external effect pedals, or drop the 6 blocks given into your larger Helix unit and build your own custom preset around it with the premium amp tone serving as the foundation. Explore different combinations of footswitches 1-3 and you'll find that this preset will cover all your needs for different overdrive and amp tones. Footswitches 4 and 5 are not necessary to the preset, but can be useful. If you have questions at any point, reply to the download email you’ve received and I’ll follow up to assist you.


Each of these presets are limited to a maximum of 6 blocks, and as such will work on all of the following products:

HX Stomp

Helix LT

Helix Floor

Helix Rack

Helix Native

     Native users - please note that these presets are set up in stompswitch mode and do not contain snapshot data. Native is set up to prefer snapshot mode, but you can still easily access the "stompswitches" through MIDI commands.

Helix - Dumble Premium Amp Tone

  • These presets specifically were perfected while I was serving as the guitarist in the main theater onboard the Cunard Queen Mary 2 cruise ship. I had initially built the presets at home using my studio monitors as the reference before I left for the gig. They were tested and refined at levels of 90db+ (read about the Fletcher Munson curve for more info) so you can be sure it’s be trustworthy on a gig and in a full band mix.

    Over the course of the 5 month contract I made small adjustments as I spent time learning how to blend with the 8-piece theater band. I’ve proofed this preset through studio monitors, IEMs, FRFR speakers, and the multi-million dollar sound system present in the Queen Mary’s Royal Court Theater. Trust the process. It was designed and tuned at high volumes so you can be sure it’ll sound good when you take it out on a gig.