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All-Purpose Worship Preset
This is an complete rig designed around a modern Vox AC30 and worship-style pedalboard.


Listen to these presets here

In this bundle, you’re getting twelve variations on the same worship guitar preset to suit your preferences. First, select between single coil, filtertron Gretsch-style, and humbucking pickup types. Once you’re there I have 4 variations of the preset based if you need tap tempo delay or a general fixed delay and whether or not you use an expression pedal for volume control or prefer an auto swell. This is my way of ensuring that this preset is optimized no matter what guitar you play and how you use your Helix. I also include a "favorites" folder with various effects that I've dialed in specifically for the CCW guitar tone. Click on "Detailed notes on how the footswitches work" to the right for more info on the entire preset.

What you're getting:
- Four preset variations:
     - EGx_Worship_FD+V - fixed delay and volume expression control
     - EGx_Worship_FD+S - fixed delay and auto volume swell

     - EGx_Worship_TD+V - tap delay and volume expression control

     - EGx_Worship_TD+S - tap delay and auto volume swell

- Each preset is available in three versions depending on your pickups:

     - EGS - single coil pickups

     - EGF - filtertron (Gretsch-style) pickups

     - EGH - humbucking pickups

- Favorites folder with 7 additional effects I've dialed in
- A guide on best practices for setting up your Helix device

- FAQ and troubleshooting pamphlet

This is a “complete" preset, which means that it is designed to act as your entire rig. All you need is your guitar and your Helix device since this preset will cover all your needs for amp simulation, overdrive tones, plate reverb, Strymon “Cloud” reverb, auto volume swells, and tape delay. The presets in this bundle have been meticulously dialed in and tested for live performance on professional sound systems with a full band. All of the footswitches in the All-Purpose presets are interactive, meaning that often times they will be changing parameters across the entire preset at the same time as they’re engaging a new effect. It’s like snapshot mode, but better because instead of only having a very limited number of snapshots per preset, you can use various combinations of stompswitches to come up with whatever tone you need in the moment.

Each of these presets are limited to a maximum of 8 blocks, and as such will work on all of the following products:
HX Stomp
Helix LT
Helix Floor
Helix Rack
Helix Native
     *Helix Native users please note that all of my presets exist in stompswitch mode. Helix Native is set up to prefer snapshots, however you can use these presets in stompswitch mode just fine. Check out the Helix Native manual pages 14 & 15 for information on loading these presets in HC (hardware compatibility) mode. When prompted, make sure you select HX Stomp XL as the original device since that is what I create these presets on.

All-Purpose Worship Guitar & CCM Presets


20% off an order of $80+

  • I tune each of my presets through different front of house systems and studio monitors to ensure they perform consistently across whatever medium you'll be using. I proof them in rehearsal and during loud live performances. I think you'll find that they cut through the mix well and are incredibly versatile on account of how they're designed in footswitch mode. With that said, you probably do not own the same guitar as I do and might not be playing through the same sound system. You are completely entitled to make minor adjustments as needed! Actually, you should expect to make a few small adjustments so that these presets may better suit your playing style, instruments, and whatever platform you’re amplifying the Helix through.

    Trust your ear. If it sounds good and cuts well in a band mix, then it is good.

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