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What you're getting:
 - CD of Ambient 1: Blossom by The Inner Urge, shipped via USPS.
 - HiFi digital download code (via BandCamp)
 - Stickers, pins, & other swag (pending availability)
 - That warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you support independant artists


   ◦    Michael Garbett (Pittsburgh, PA) - vibraphone / percussion
   ◦    Alex Price (Johnstown, PA) - guitar / production
   ◦    Andrew Koss (New York, NY) - electric bass / synthesizer
   ◦    Jesse Griffith (Philadelphia, PA) - drumset / percussion
Artwork by Kelly Elliot
Recording & Mixing Engineer - Alex Price

Mastering Engineer - Toshihisa Tsuruoka

Released March 19th, 2021

The Inner Urge: Blossom (physical copy)


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    This method requires me to respond manually to each email. Response time is usually under 24 hours.

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