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This free resource is made available to anyone looking to expand upon their knowledge of the guitar fretboard. The moveable arpeggio shapes presented in this .pdf booklet represent what I consider to be essential knowledge on the guitar. Once you get the hang of it and start understanding the intervals, you’ll realize that there really isn’t that much to it. There are 5 basic arpeggio shapes that follow the CAGED system and from there we make minor alterations. For example: depending on the context, it sometimes makes more sense to use a root 6 v1 shape than a root 6 v2. Both of those shapes fall under the E CAGED shape, but it’s highly recommended to know both versions.


You’ll find that some shapes are more comfortable to play than others, however I always recommend that it’s worth your time to study all of the v1, v2, and v4 shapes. The v3 arpeggios I would consider an exception. I’ve included them for the sake of being complete, but in practical use it’s usually easier to just shift by one position and play either v2 or v4.

eBook - 7th Chord Arpeggio Shapes


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