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At the request of many, I've created the Electric Guitar Preset Library. This bundle contains all of the electric guitar presets found in my Complete Preset Library. In total, you're getting all 35 humbucker presets, all 35 single coil presets, humbucker and single coil versions of the 6 dual amp presets, and the 12 jazz guitar presets. I've also included my full Mesa/Boogie Celestion V30 Impulse Response pack, which is used in a few presets. This is the answer to those who wanted to purchase only the electric guitar presets at a lower cost. Just like the original library, your purchase is good for all future updates (new presets are added a few times a year). Check the first page of the .pdf included with your download for a Google Drive link that'll serve as my way of delivering the free updates to you. These are the same presets that I personally use live and they represent a few year's worth of building, tuning, and testing with live performance. 


These presets are designed on the HX Stomp for use in stomp switch mode, but they will work across all of the Helix family units (except for HX Effects due to the amp blocks). I do not use snapshots on the original HX Stomp because it is so limiting. If you’d like to create custom snapshots on each preset, it's easy - just create a combination of the 5-8 stomps switches and save it to snapshot 1. Repeat the process for as many snapshots as you’d like. For many supporters of this library who use one of the larger Helix units (LT, floor, rack), you’ll find that these presets will cover your basic tones. I know that a lot of people like to take them and use them as the foundation for building their own custom presets around.


Each of these presets are limited to a maximum of 8 blocks, and as such will work on all of the following products:
   HX Stomp

   HX Stomp XL

   Helix LT

   Helix Floor

   Helix Rack

   Helix Native

     *Helix Native users please note that all of my presets exist in stompswitch mode. Helix Native is set up to prefer snapshots, however you can use these presets in stompswitch mode just fine. Check out the Helix Native manual pages 14 & 15 for information on loading these presets in HC (hardware compatibility) mode. When prompted, make sure you select HX Stomp XL as the original device since that is what I create these presets on.

Helix - Electric Guitar Preset Library


20% off an order of $80+

  • Preset labeling:
    EG* - electric guitar (H - humbuckers / S - single coils)
    JGH - semi or full hollow body jazz guitar with humbuckers
    AG* - acoustic guitar (U - undersaddle / C - contact / M - magnetic)
    NGU - nylon string guitar with an undersaddle piezo pickup
    MD* - mandolin (B - bridge piezo / C - contact piezo)
    EB* - electric bass guitar (R - roundwounds / F - flatwounds)
    AV - acoustic violin
    EV - electric violin
    SV - synth violin (any normal violin pickup will work)
    Synth - these presets will turn any instrument into a synthesizer

    What you're getting:
    Electric Guitar: (70 presets)
    (single coil & humbucker versions for each)
       EG* Acoustic Sim 1
       EG* Acoustic Sim 2
       EG* Bassman
       EG* Blues Jr.
       EG* Broadway 1
       EG* Broadway 2
       EG* Das Benzin (Mega)
       EG* Deluxe 1
       EG* Deluxe 2
       EG* Diezel
       EG* Dr. Z (Interstate)
       EG* Fullerton
       EG* Grange 
       EG* HiWatt
       EG* JCM800
       EG* JTM45
       EG* Kinetic
       EG* Matchless
       EG* Mesa (Cali Texas)
       EG* Moo)))n (Sun)
       EG* Mythical (Dumble)
       EG* Plac Clean
       EG* Plac Lead
       EG* Brite Prince
       EG* Mad Prince
       EG* Warm Prince
       EG* PV Vitriol
       EG* Revv (Gen Red)
       EG* Rockerverb
       EG* Slide Rig
       EG* Space Fuzz
       EG* Supro
       EG* Texas Twin
       EG* Twin Rotary
       EG* Ventoux

    Jazz Guitar: (12 presets)
       EGJ Strat Jazz
       JGH Modern Jazz
       JGH Warm Jazz
       JGH JC120
       JGH Stevens
       JGH Scofield
       JGH Kreisberg
       JGH Arch Bright
       JGH Arch Dark
       JGH Arch Acoust
       JGH Boss OC-3
       JGH Jazz Pad

    Dual Amp Presets: (12 presets):
    (single coil & humbucker versions for each)
       EG* AC30/Twin
       EG* Match/Deluxe
       EG* Match/DrZ
       EG* %13/Twin
       EG* Jazz/Twin
       EG* Arch/HiW

    All of the electric guitar and dual amp presets come with two versions of the same preset - one for humbucking pickup and one for single coils. Try them out with your instruments and feel free to tweak them and make them your own. Just because I made a preset with humbuckers doesn't mean you can't try it on single coils and vice versa. You might like what hapens when you mix and match.

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