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This is a page I set up so that my students can pay easily with credit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay.


If you're new and are considering taking lessons, send me an email through this contact form and I'd be happy to set up a free 15-minute consulation prior to the first lesson. We'll meet briefly to talk about your goals, so I can get a sense of where you are as a musician, and to iron out any technology-related issues before our first lesson.


Lessons are conducted through Skype (or Zoom, but I prefer Skype for a number of reasons) and can be as frequent or infrequent as you'd like. Some students I meet with every week, others every 2 weeks, some just a few times a year. I'm on Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) and can meet most weekdays between 10am and 10pm.


If you use this page to pay for a lesson, my website host requires me to include a digital download with your purchase. You'll get an email to download a bunch of chord/arpeggio/scale books that I use with my students. You can also find these materials for free on my Free Resources page.

One-on-one Lesson


20% off an order of $80+

  • - To make the most of the lesson, you should be in a quiet, well-lit environment. Most phones and laptops these days have decent webcams, but honestly the most important thing is the light. If you're able to, set up with the light behind your device so it's not in the view of your camera.


    - Sometimes a secondary device like a tablet or your phone can also be good to have on hand. The .pdf booklets I've put together have been formatted to display nice and big, even on something as small as a phone screen. A second device is great for referencing those charts or playing a backing track through to alleviate strain on the device you're making the call on.


    - Headphones are nice to have as well since they'll improve your audio quality. Skype and Zoom have something called feedback elimination, which is great but can degrade the audio quality and sometimes block music from coming through clearly. If you use headphones, you can turn feedback elimination off.


    - You should also have a stable internet connection. Either WiFi or ethernet is fine, but it should be at a decent speed to sustain video calls. If you want to check your internet speed ahead of time, 500kbps download / upload speed is typically sufficient. You can just google "internet speed test" and it'll run a check on your download and upload speed. 1mbps = 1,000kbps. If this is confusing, don't worry about it. We can check during our consultation.

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