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Amp Tone Library - Line 6 Pod Go Preset Bundle

The full amp tone collection features every amp tone bundle at a discount compared to purchasing them separetely. Each preset is available in versions for humbuckers and single coils. With the purchase of the full library, you will also recieve each new amp tone bundle that I publish for free - check the link at the top of the introductory .pdf when new presets are released.


What you’re getting:

   - 12 presets - Fender Black Panel bundle

   - 10 presets - Fender Tweed Amps bundle

   - 10 presets - Mesa / Boogie Amps bundle

   - 10 presets - Vox AC-30 & AC-15 bundle

   - A detailed .pdf with information on each preset

   - Suggestions for setting up your PodGo with these presets

   - Walkthrough of the entire global settings menu

   - Access to all future updates of this bundle for free


For use in Stompswitch mode:

My PodGo presets were initially created for use in stompswitch mode. Explore different combinations of footswitches 1-6  to give you the most control possible.

   - Footswitch 1 is always a modulation (chorus, tremolo, univibe, etc). 

   - Footswitch 2 is a reverb toggle. Reverb is always on and you can press FS2 for a more present sound with increased decay, mix, diffusion, etc. 

   - Footswitch 3 is a delay with the time parameter set to 1/4 note subdivision so it’s easy to adjust live. 

   - Footswitch 4 is a 3.5db solo boost with some slight EQ adjustments to help you cut through the mix. 

   - Footswitch 5 is either a compressor or overdrive pedal that acts as a secondary gain stage and is tuned specifically to work with that amp. 

   - Footswitch 6 is a toggle that will increase the overdrive coming from the amp block, adjust the amp’s EQ, and take care of anything else needed to unity volume.
   - Press down the toe of the expression pedal to engage the wah, which is dialed in to work well with that particular amp & cab model.


For use in Snapshot mode:

I’ve also saved 4 snapshots to each preset. If you’re using snapshot mode, consider setting the up and down switches on the left side of the pedal to act as stompswitches 1 and 4 (you can find this in global settings). This will give you access to the modulation effects and solo boost while you’re using the other switches to control snapshots. I also recommend setting your global settings to discard snapshot edits.

   - Snapshot 1 is the cleanest tone without any of the footswitches engaged.

   - Snapshot 2 increases the amp’s gain block and tweaks EQ settings to fit the new sound.

   - Snapshot 3 engages the overdrive/compressor on foot switch 5 and toggles reverb parameters.

   - Snapshot 4 engages the amp overdrive, the compressor/overdrive pedal, and the delay effect together.


Questions? Just reply to the download email you receive and I’m more than happy to help.


      *Do you use an external speaker cabinet or something like the Line 6 Powercab with built in cab simulation? All of my presets are designed with the cab as the last block in the signal path. Just plug into the Amp Out on the back of the Pod Go and you're good to go.

PodGo - Amp Tone Library


20% off an order of $80+

  • This preset bundle contains 21 contrasting amp tones that are characteristic of Mesa Boogie amplifiers, each available in 2 versions for a total of 42 presets. The presets with the prefix of EGH have been tuned specifically for humbucking pickups and the way they respond with these amps. Presets with an EGS prefix have been adjusted specifically for use with single coil pickups to bring out the best qualities of that sound. All presets also include a wah setting and either an overdrive or compressor pedal that has been dialed in specifically to pair well with those amp settings, in addition to a solo boost with slight EQ adjustment and modulation, delay, and reverb effects. 

    Included Presets:

    Fender Black Panel bundle:
       Deluxe1 - 1965 Black Panel Deluxe | clean to low gain
       Deluxe2 - 1965 Black Panel Deluxe | low to medium gain
       Princeton1 - 1965 Princeton | clean to medium gain
       Princeton2 - 1965 Princeton | low to medium gain
       Twin1 - 1965 Twin Reverb | clean to low gain preset
       Twin2 - 1965 Twin Reverb | SRV-style medium to high gain

    Fender Tweed Amp bundle:
       5E3 Deluxe1 - 1957 Fender 5E3 Deluxe | low to medium gain
       5E3Deluxe2 - 1957 Fender 5E3 Deluxe | medium to high gain
       Bassman - 1959 Fender Bassman | clean to medium gain
       Champ - 1957 Fender Champ | low to medium gain
       Grammatico - modified Fender Deluxe | medium to high gain

    Mesa / Boogie Amp bundle:
       LoneStar1 - Lone Star channel 1 | low to medium gain
       LoneStar2 - Lone Star channel 2 | medium to high gain
       Mk4 Rhythm - Mark IV rhythm channel | clean to medium gain
       Mk4 Lead - Mark IV lead channel | medium to high gain
       Rectifier - Dual Rectifier | high gain

    Vox AC-30 & AC-15 bundle:
       Vox AC15 - 1958 Vox AC-15 | low to medium gain
       AC30 Essex1 - 1958 Vox AC-30 | low to medium gain
       AC30 Essex2 - 1958 Vox AC-30 | medium to high gain
       AC30 Fawn1 - 1961 Vox AC-30 | low to medium gain
       AC30 Fawn2 - 1961 Vox AC-30 | medium to high gain

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