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Free Acoustic IR Bundle - Eastman PCH

My first shot at creating tonematch impulse responses - let's see how it goes. You'll need to use the coupon code FREE at checkout to reduce the price to $0. I spent a few days capturing my Eastman PCH grand auditorium flat top acoustic guitar and I've found that these corrective EQ IRs are great for getting the stock piezo tone of your acoustic to sound a bit more realistic.

Eastman PCH IR icon.png

PCH Grand Auditorium

There are four types of impulse responses in this bundle. Select the version that matches what type of pickup you have on your guitar. Then, in each folder you will find 5 impulse responses. Generally, the “A” IR is the brightest (most treble) and the “E” IR is the darkest (the most low end) in tone. B, C, and D fall in between there. Each one has a different mid contour. Take your time and get to know them with your instrument. Understand that an Impulse Responses is a very important part to a great amplified acoustic tone, but it is not the end-all solution. It’s appropriate to expect to do a bit of work with EQ and compression to really get your tone the rest of the way there. 

 • 5 IRs for a generally brighter sounding undersaddle pickup
 • 5 IRs for a generally darker sounding undersaddle pickup
 • 5 IRs for body transduction pickups (like the K&K Pure Mini)
 • 5 IRs for acoustic or electric guitars with magnetic pickups

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